New bands with Ministry, Saint Vitus & Blood Incantation published 10 months, 3 weeks ago

It’s been only two years since the last MINISTRY BA show but the impression Al Jourgensen and his cohort left the last time was so intense we simply couldn’t resist to draw this powerhouse of psychotic sound back when they’re available with a new record!

Long before the early 2010s, before the legions of Sabbath-worshipping bands emerged from their caverns with lava-lamp font logos and denim vests, there was SAINT VITUS. Along with bands like Pentagram or Trouble, SAINT VITUS pioneered doom metal in its manifestation as a distinct metal sub-genre and in 2018 they will finally make their BA debut!

BLOOD INCANTATION will unleash upon you cerebral whirlwind of atmospheric death metal. The energy and magnetism of live BLOOD INCANTATION will tangibly melt through the PA system, taking you to an unknown dimension. Also in the dimensions of death metal, ORIGIN explode forth with the intensity of a second Big Bang phenomenon, launching cranium-collapsing projectiles of extremely fierce technical death metal, merging technicality with utter brutality. Speaking of brutality, Chicago’s BROKEN HOPE should be the first band mentioned under the entry brutality in virtual lexicon of death-metal history.

Last but not least get prepared for primordial vibrations and sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe channeled via hypnotic occult rock of the Frenchmen ALUK TODOLO.


We are pleased to announce a couple of services for BA 2018 is going on sale. From now on you can choose from hotel, camp site as well as parking and bus transfer to airport after the festival! Last but not least don't forget to check limited offer of tickets to "natural stand", a natural uphill, which gives you extraordinary view on both main scenes, especially after dark.


Brutal Assault has got one of the first headliners for the next edition! Polish black metal act BEHEMOTH is returning for one and only exclusive CZ & SK show in 2018!

“CROSSWORDS” BANDS UPDATE with DYING FETUS and HIRAX published 10 months ago

Thanks to everyone who took a part in the crossword game! And now we would love to announce new bands officially! DYING FETUS from Maryland have been synonymous for brutal death metal for more than 25 years and we are more than excited to welcome them back in the fortress once again, as well as their blackened death metal colleagues HATE from Poland. Old school metal maniacs would definitely appreciate that HIRAX with mighty Katon W de Pena are coming to BA to give us a lesson about true thrash metal riffing!

The list of avant-garde bands is being extended by DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, Swedish act that originally combines progressive metal with jazz fusion or even swing. Also some fresh hardcore blood is coming to BA, including Australian metalcore NORHTLANE, deathcore butchery CARNIFEX as well as bestial screaming hardcore COUNTERPARTS or beatdown hardcore Belgians NASTY.

COLLECTOR’S DESIGN HARD PAPER TICKETS FOR SALE! published 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Brutal Assault 2018 design paper tickets available! If you want a proper hard paper ticket for next BA edition, here it is! Unique design could work as a collector’s item or nice gift. It will also give you a hint what artwork you could expect next year! Be there or be square!

Make your order here!

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