LAST MINUTE LINEUP CHANGES published 2 years, 1 month ago

We're sorry to bring You some unwanted last minute changes. Very unfortunate news arrived from the ELECTRIC WIZARD camp, the band members currently have their passports held at the USA embassy as they're applying for a bussiness visa. According to the band they won't have them back in time to play BA2016. Good news is we've immediately re-scheduled they show for next year. Instead, we bring You Italian psychedelic doom UFOMAMMUT. Another change concerns US hardcore veterans TERROR, who had to cancel due to Scott Vogels surgery. We're thinking about a proper replacement for quite some time and we're extremely happy to present one of the rare RAISED FIST gigs a part of our lineup!We were also forced to some other minor changes to the lineup due to logistical reasons and while we were at it, we tried to reflect some of Your comments. The new schedule is online here.


This year’s Brutal Assault will be using RFID-enabled wristbands with chips and cashless payment technology to enhance your festival-going experience and provide us with data, that will help us optimize the festival organization. Please bear in mind Brutal Assault is completely cashless so it's vital that You read carefully the information below, especially the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ document at the bottom of this page.

Complete info is available at

selling out imminent, meet 'n greet plan, horror cinema schedule published 2 years, 1 month ago

Beware, due to huge interest in tickets, we won't have 1 day passes for sale on site! So there will be no 1 day tickets and we're running low on full fest passes as well! We recommend You to book Your ticket asap, selling the festival out is more and more likely at the moment! Also here comes our meet and greet schedule and check out the grindhouse cinema screening plan!

New exhibition and chill out stage published 2 years, 1 month ago

This year we've prepared new exibition space in the fortress vaults and special live ambient chill out zone KAL aka KEEP ambient lodge, with absinthe bar and oriental fumes..

BACKSTAGE PASS WINNERS, CASHLESS REMINDER published 2 years, 1 month ago

The following backstage pass winners from our ‪#‎mybrutalassault‬ campaign should get in touch via, congratulations!

Tomáš Venc
Jana Hilscherová
Daniela Živanović

And just a reminder, if You register at and preload money to Your ticket, You don't have to wait in the coupon queues first thing upon Your arrival to the festival site! 10% of You alredy done so :)More info about the cashless system and pros of the registration are here:

Site update, on site tickets published 2 years, 1 month ago

Festival site works are in full swing so here are on-site ticket updates, as we informed You earlier, there will be no one day tickets, but we should have enough full festival passess for everyone arriving on Tuesday and Wednesday! After that we'll inform You about the current state of things. We've also added very few places to the VIP camp after we handled all the problematic orders.

OFFICIAL CASHLESS / REFUND CONTACT published 2 years, 1 month ago


If you experience any problems with the refunds or have other questions, please forward them to
We'll answer all the emails and deal with the problems in cooperation with the system supplier untill the end of the week. We should put online a refund manual also later this week. You can request a refund for one moth from now on.
Also tomorrow we want to adress the matter of the waiting queues on Wednesday with another apology and an explaining statement.

it's over published 2 years, 1 month ago

And it's over. Thank You and see You next year with EMPEROR performing Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk in its entirety!

Apology for the queues published 2 years ago

Once more – for the third time - we feel the urge to apologize for the neverending queues that many of You were forced to stand in on Wednesday to get your tickets swapped for a chip, which made the begining of the festival unpleasant. We’ve come through a similar situation four years ago when we were first introducing the e-tickets and our barcode readers were not working properly. We learned a lot from this mistake so it wouldn’t happen again. So what was the problem this year? This year a series of unfortunate events took place and in the end complicated the entry to the festival area. One factor was the weather, the rain caused internet connection blackout, that delayed the opening of the gates by 30 minutes. Also the intense rain caused the fans to gather at the entry gate at the same time, otherwise they would spread into a longer interval. The biggest problem however was caused by failing equipment. Four out of eight swap stations were temporarily out of order and it took the supplier an hour to figure that his laptops are incompatible with their barcode readers. By the time we've solved this issue we were swapping record numbers of fans – 1500 per hour instead of the usual 900 per hour, however the queues were so long by that time that it still took several hours.

Regarding the new access control and mandatory check-in and check-out, we've introduced this system to gather data that will help us to optimize the festival area and services in the future. This system also enhaces security, we can block stolen wristbands/coupons, You can comfortbaly preload it with money so You need no cash and also we can eliminate dangerous attendees more easily. All the data about registered accounts are safely stored and will not but used for any marketing purposes.
We cannot be sorry enough for the time You’ve spent in the queues but we hope that the artists‘ performances together with all the hard work put into running the festival, bringing new innovations and the great overall atmosphere will leave you with mainly positive impression of this year‘s BA. We can assure you we’re gonna make sure these queues will never happen again and we hope that with the help of Your feedback next year we will bring you the festival in the best shape ever! Our goal is for the queues to be 30 minutes maximum in the rush hour.

So see you next year with Emperor!

On behalf of the Brutal Assault team Tomas Fiala and Shindy

Brutal Assault 2016 survey published 2 years ago

Thanks for Your feedback sent via email or through social media and also thanks for Your interest in the survey from the festival guide! Your opinion is very important to us so we've decided to extend the festival guide survey to our website. Take this chance to affect the line-up and the way the festival works and win a free festival pass for Brutal Assault 2017! Just fill in the survey below and leave us Your email address.

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