Tickets and entry info published 4 years, 1 month ago

Thank you for your interest in buying tickets. E-tickets sales has been already closed and all tickets will be processed till sunday's midnight.

We have been working hard on check-in and upgraded system for tickets check for this year. There are three most important points: 1, the check-in system will offer ”all in one” option so you will go through the ticket check, get your wristband and DVD, lanyard and festival guide. Please prepare your tickets before entering the check-in point. Newly. 1 person with 1 ticket to enter the check-in system.  2, The check-in system system (for e-tickets and pre-sale tickets) will be open from Tuesday, August 5th, from 3:00pm onwards. The same innovation is connected to the VIP camp, the box office for VIP camp reservation will be also open from Tuesday, August 5th, from 3:00pm onwards (VIP camping site will also open its gates from 3:00pm).

You can buy ticket at the spot for 80€ or single day ticket for 45€ from Wednesday 12:00pm

Lineup changes published 4 years, 1 month ago

As it's becoming a sad tradition, we have some bad news for You. Several bands were forced to cancel their tours including their performance at our festival. We're covering the topic of last minute cancelations in out festival guide which you're gonna get your hands on at the festival site, so we're just gonna state here that we feel sorry to announce that Gorguts, Arsonists Get All The Girls and Strife are not gonna play this year's Brutal Assault after all. As it's very hard to book a „proper replacement“ after a last minute cancellation, we've decided to offer the slots to intersting artist regardless their genre (dis)similarity with the original bands. Hope You understand and also the good news is that Luc Lemay personally confirmed Gorguts' appearance at the next edition.

The two new confirmed bands are Rise of Surya from the Czech republic and Poland's Obscure Sphinx. Still negotiationg about the third empty slot.

We'd also like to inform You that that only a couple of free hotel rooms remain available from us at the moment; You can book them till midnight!

Lost and found, MSG hotline, horror cinema published 4 years, 1 month ago

Lost and found info will be available at common window INFORMACE / INFO / INFORMATION near main entrance, from Wednesday 12:00AM till Sunday 08:00AM. If you need any festival area info then please use +420 773 165 294 line or write msg (only) to hotline +420 775 491 956 in case something is wrong etc.

Just for info - we have modified a bit horror cinema and selected lot of cool movies. Everyone find the right one!

Line-up updates published 4 years, 1 month ago

Carnival In Coal will be performing twice. On Friday 16:50 @ Jagermeister stage and on Saturday 20:50 @ Metalgate Stage as announced.

Heaving Earth will be playing sooner - new slot is Thursday 01:35 @ MetalGate stage.

Thanx to fans! published 4 years, 1 month ago

Thanks for the great 19th edition. We do appriciate your goodwill and see you in 2015 on 20th anniversary edition.

Lost and found published 4 years, 1 month ago

Hereinafter is the list of festival lost and found. If your belongings are on the list please contact us at
Please note: the list is final, we don't stock any unlisted stuff.

several mobile phones [picture]
two watches
HP photosmart digital camera
wallet with ID on Premyslaw Pakos
wallet with ID on Adam Sibera
passport of Konrad Kasperowski
credit card on Lukasz Winkler
ID of Simon Yerly
ID and other cards of Francesco Trozzi
green travel vanity bag full of medicaments

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