BRUTAL ASSAULT announces MANES, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, GRAND EXIT published 4 years, 7 months ago

Brutal Assault announces three newly confirmed bands headed by legendary avantgarde black metal act MANES! Here is the message from the band: „Once again, after 8 years or so, we'll climb onstage and do our thing. Not once, but twice, at Brutal Assault 2014. We'll be doing a more stripped-down semi-accoustic thing on friday, and crank it all the way to three, maybe max five, at the grand mainstage on saturday... We've never played outside Norway before, and who knows; maybe we'll never play outside Norway again after this, so this'll most certainly be something special for both you and us!“

Another confirmed bands are LA-based experimental metallers IWRESTLEDABEARONCE and Swedish thrash/death metallers GRAND EXIT.

New bands are MGLA, DEW SCENTED and BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL published 4 years, 7 months ago

Polish true-black metal legend MGLA, German death/thrash metallers DEW SCENTED and UK based hardcore act BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL have been announced as newly confirmed acts for BA 2014.

More bands coming soon.

ONSLAUGHT, BLINDEAD and FEASTEM confirmed for Brutal Assault published 4 years, 6 months ago

Brutal Assault is back with three newly confirmed acts for its 19th volume. Today with British thrash metal veterans ONSLAUGHT, Polish sludge-doom metal band BLINDEAD and Finnish grindcore group FEASTEM. More bands coming soon.

Also let us remind you that there are 4 weeks to buy the ticket for current prices. The ticket prices will grow up since May 01.

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