Save 50% on a special BA train ticket! published 6 years, 3 months ago

In cooperation with ČD (Czech train operator) we offer a 50% discount on train tickets to Jaroměř. It is very easy: When purchasing your train ticket to Jaroměř show your BA Festival ticket and you will get a 50% discount. Then visit an „Information center“ directly at the festival (at the entrance gate) and your train ticket will be stamped. The return train ticket wouldn‘t be valid without this special stamp!

Krisiun for Deicide, newly confirmed also Anaal Nathrakh and Truth And Its Burden published 6 years, 3 months ago

Unfortunately death metal veterans DEICIDE have cancelled their summer European Tour due to unforeseen circumstances.

For this reason BA festival announces Brazilian death metallers KRISIUN as a replacement.
Another newly confirmed acts are Britisth black metallers ANAAL NATHRAKH and South African metalcore band TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN.

BA 2012 announces its daily schedule, 4 new bands and Tickets information published 6 years, 3 months ago

Brutal Assault announces its daily program, see the „Schedule“ section for more information. More detailed running order will be announced in the next days (including the new third Budweiser Budvar club stage program).

To make the line-up complete we need to announce last 4 bands. Belorussian doom/pagan metallers GODS TOWER, French Avant-Garde metal band SEBKHA-CHOTT and two Czech representatives: old-school death metal band BRUTALLY DECEASED and blackmetallers TROLLECH will also play the main stage this year.

It is highly recommended to buy the tickets in pre-sale since the attendance this year will be surely attacking the capacity of the festival’s area. You can still buy the BA-ticket at a reduced pre-sale price of 1550,- CZK ( + fees via Paypal) but remember that this edition is on sale till the ond of July only!

Fields Of The Nephilim show canceled, „Budvar Club“ stage program announced published 6 years, 2 months ago

We are sorry to announce that British band FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM canceled their festival performance at Brutal Assault. The management explained that one of the band members is not able to play the show due to personal reasons. Unfortunately another canceleled bands are THE HUMAN ABSTRACT and THE HAARP MACHINE.

We would also like to announce the „Budvar Club“ stage daily program. You will find it on the „Program“ section from now. In connection with the program we need to annouced several newly confirmed bands for the „Budvar Club“ stage. Here you are: PIGSTY (cze), KEEP ON ROTTING (cze), DIEVISION (cze), MINDWORK (cze), TOTEM (pol), ET MORIUM (cze), THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (cze), BYT (cze), COLP (cze), WATCH MY DYING (hu), MONGOLOIDS (usa), TORTHARRY and LAHAR.

Buy your tickets in advance now! published 6 years, 2 months ago

Due to a massive interest in tickets for this BA edition we highly recommend to buy your ticket in pre-sale. You can still get your ticket at a reduced pre-sale price of 1550,- Czk (plus fees) via Paypal. This offer is available untill the end of July only which means LAST 2 DAYS!

There is also a chance to reserve your ticket by sending a small fee in advance via Paypal and paying the rest of the ticket price at the festival in cash upon your arrival or buy your ticket right now.

Visit „Tickets“ section for more detailed information.

BA timeschedule announced. Brutal Assault = green festival published 6 years, 2 months ago

Complete timeschedule for this year’s BA festival has been announced. See the „Program“ section for more information about running order.

It is  also our pleasure to announce that BA festival becomes green! This year we bring another novelty, concretely ArecaGoodPlates which are natural and high duality disposable plates made from fallen dried leaves of Areca palm tree. At this moment a big container from India is arriving to Josefov and you can already look forward to this original stuff which will be a part of  the equipment of all refreshment kiosks at the festival.

We also continue in separated waste program and also in the refundable cups system. This year the advance deposit for 1 BA cup will be 1 coupon (30,- Czk).

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