BA news: Book your Hotel or “VIP camp” accommodation now! published 7 years, 5 months ago

For those who are looking for a hotel type of accommodation we can offer a great option that will even include a shuttle bus from the hotel to the festival ground. Hotel CERNIGOV is situated in Hradec Kralove, approx. 20 km from the festival ground, and offers next services:

* single rooms available at 35,00 EUR per night
* double rooms available at 60,00 EUR per night
* rooms available for Wednesday Aug 10th, Thursday Aug 11th, Friday Aug 12th, Saturday Aug 13th and/or Sunday Aug 14th (you can choose from the mentioned days, not necessary to book all the days)
* buffet breakfast included in the price
* shuttle service to the festival ground and back once a day included in the price (a van will be available within 60 min after ordering)
* a free 3-day pass for the natural ground with a view on both stages (you save 90CZK = approx. 3,50 EUR)
* other hotel services (not included in the price): laundry, safe-box, casino, restaurant & bar, etc.

For more information click on the next link:

„VIP camping site“ is from year to year more and more popular. It especially offers camping in the permanently fenced area in special sectors, toilets and washbasin capacities for use of the VIP camp inhabitants exclusively, depository, free 3-day pass for the natural ground and other benefits.

If you are interested in the VIP camping site do not hesitate and click on the next link for more information:

Newly confirmed bands coming soon!

Brutal Assault announces movements on the roster published 7 years, 5 months ago

New wave of newly confirmed band is rolling. Boston-based hardcore re-united band BLOOD FOR BLOOD, French death/black metalers SVART CROWN and Czech thrash metal pioneers DEBUSTROL are newly confirmed acts for the Brutal Assault 2011.

Unfortunately bad news came from GORGUTS management. The band has cancelled all shows in summer because of delayed release of their new album.

Brutal Assault confirmes: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Forbidden, The Exploited published 7 years, 5 months ago

It is the right time to get on with new bands confirmed for BA 2011.

Neurotic ensemble of mathcore professors THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, Bay Area thrash metal legend FORBIDDEN and Scottish punk veterans THE EXPLOITED are newly confirmed acts for the Brutal Assault festival 2011!

New bands for BA 2011 published 7 years, 4 months ago

BA line-up is becoming stronger. Experimental hardcore band HORSE THE BAND, well known for their 8-bit Nintendo-influenced sound, American slam death metal band WAKING THE CADAVER and French death/grindcore band BENIGHTED have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011.

Please note that this Saturday (04-30) is the last day for ordering tickets at a reduced price of 52,40 EUR (approx.). Do not miss this great opportunity how to get your ticket at lowest price.  
Last but not least please note that we have extended our accommodation offer for Hotel Cernigov in Hradec Kralove. By now we are selling very limited capacity of twin rooms available at 60,00 EUR per night and suites (with 3 beds) at 100,00 EUR per night.

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