BANDS update and information about TICKETS presale published 7 years, 7 months ago

Let’s go on with three new bands. Brazilian/American metal icon SEPULTURA returns to the BA Festival! After last year’s unexpected changes on the schedule when many of you BA-fans missed their appeareance, SEPULTURA will come back again in summer 2011. Please, consider their return as our apology for last year.  
American hardcore band FIRST BLOOD and Norwegian avant-garde metal band RAM-ZET have been also confirmed as new acts for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival.

From now till April 30th, 2011 you can buy e-tickets from the first edition of BA-tickets at a reduced price of 1257CZK (approx. 52,40 EUR) via PayPal system! From May till the end of July there will be the second edition on sale at a reduced price of 1357CZK (approx. 56,60 EUR). For more information click on the "Tickets" section .

BA confirmes new bands published 7 years, 7 months ago

Finnish „battle metal“ warriors TURISAS, German thrash/death metallers DEW SCENTED and „marijuana-themed“ death metallers CANNABIS CORPSE are newly confirmed for the BA Festival.

Line-up is becoming stronger: CRO-MAGS, EXIVIOUS, AHAB published 7 years, 7 months ago

Pioneers of the legendary NY HC scene were among the first acts to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal in the late eighties. Their debut album „The Age of Quarrel“ became a cult. CRO-MAGS! Among newly confirmed bands is also re-united Dutch fusion metal act EXIVIOUS (featuring musicians from Cynic and Textures) and German funeral-doom metallers AHAB.

Norwegian demons SATYRICON will destroy the Old Army Fortress published 7 years, 7 months ago

Josefov’s church cross begins to shake… One of the most influential black metal bands ever, Norwegian SATYRICON, has been confirmed for this year’s BA festival. Be ready for new songs from their upcoming album!

Other newly confirmed bands are Russian-singing Finnish doom metallers KYPCK and Canadian modern metal band THREAT SIGNAL.

Last but not least, other important news: from now places in the "VIP camping site" are on sale. For more information visit the section "VIP Camp".

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