10 new names for BA 2011 published 7 years, 8 months ago

Hello BA fans, are you ready for newly confirmed bands? If yes, read more.

Norwegian black metal legend MAYHEM, American metalcore star AS I LAY DYING, mythological occult metal band ABSU, technical deathmetal pioneers ATHEIST, doom metallers SEVENTH VOID, alternative/gothic band A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH, Spanish pathologists HAEMORRHAGE, British symfonic black metallers HECATE ENTHRONED, thrashers SYLOSIS and Norwegian death metallers BLOOD RED THRONE have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011. Pre-order ticket info comming soon, stay tunned!

CATHEDRAL, ASPHYX and NORTHER confirmed for BA 2011 published 7 years, 8 months ago

This will be a very special show! British doom/stoner veterans CATHEDRAL, headed by former Napalm Death front man Lee Dorian, will appear at the Brutal Assault festival 2011. The band have recently announced their „retirement“ from the scene and they plan to play only several concerts by the end of this year. Brutal Assault will be one of the last gigs for this legendary band.

Among newly confirmed bands are also Dutch doom/death-metallers ASPHYX and Finnish melodic-death metal band NORTHER.

Brutal Assault announces new bands: ANATHEMA, HAIL OF BULLETS, SCAR SYMMETRY published 7 years, 8 months ago

British legendary doom-metal band ANATHEMA has been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011. After 3 years from their last appearance at the BA Festival they are coming back with their great new album "We're Here Because We're Here".
Other newly confirmed are Dutch death metal band HAIL OF BULLETS and Swedish melodic death metallers SCAR SYMMETRY.

The Legend will be announced next week published 7 years, 8 months ago

Dear BA fans, during next week we will announce BA 2011 headliner’s name. Check out our websites from Monday, The Name can be announced anytime. Be ready…

MOTÖRHEAD confirmed. published 7 years, 7 months ago

It is confirmed. Legendary British band MOTÖRHEAD headed by rock icon Lemmy Killmister have been announced as the headliner of the Brutal Assault Festival 2011!

MOTÖRHEAD, over three decades synonym for wild, fast and loud rock’n’roll, performed with an unrivalled ruthless attitude, will appear at the Old Army Fortress in Josefov with their new release „The Wörld Is Yours“.  

Fronted by Lemmy, as the living embodiment of a rock’n’roll life style, MOTÖRHEAD are still full of unrelenting rock power and are pounding their sounds into the ears of audiences across the globe.

MOTÖRHEAD it is not only music, MOTÖRHEAD, this is a life attitude! BORN TO LOSE, LIVE TO WIN!

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