News on the BA festival: WINE BAR, 5 brands of beer, next entrance and new „streets“. published 8 years, 1 month ago

Dear BA fans, let us introduce some innovations for BA 2010. This year you can look forward to next entrance to the festival area, new “street” leading around the Natural Stand and new “street” leading from the stage area straight to the “Meet and Greet” tent.

Next news are about drinks. This year you can look forward to 5 brands of draught beer: Gambrinus 10°, Pilsner Urquell 12°, Black Kozel, Master 18° a Radegast Birell.

Absolute novelty will be WINE BAR with wide offer of quality Moravian and French wine.

Brutal Assault 2010 running order announced published 8 years, 1 month ago

The running order for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival has been officially announced – you can find it in the section “Program”.  Including new name on the bill, Czech post-hardcore band INSANIA.

The warm up party contest is over! published 8 years, 1 month ago

The warm up party contest is over. Thanks for massive voting. We have desided to put 2 most wanted bands on the regular festival bill so they will have the chance to share the stage with other nice bands. Congratulations to Minority Sound and Disfigured Corpse! But back to Wednesday's programme. Abstract Essence, Mindwork and Unaffected Evolution will be added to the previously announced  bands. Also Stiny Plamenu got lots of votes but unfortunately they are not able to perform due to the drummer's injury.

Also there are many questions about the flood situation. We can assume you, the festival ground is far away from the flood areas. So let's hope for a good weather (that got better in lastr 2 days) so you could enjoy the festival without rain and mud.

The Guarded Parking Place, the closing by České Dráhy published 8 years, 1 month ago

Within the framework of expansion of our service for BA fest visitors we’ve prepared Guarded Parking Place for cars and motorcycles. This service is available from Wednesday 12:00 AM to Sunday 12:00 AM, price: 500 CZK for car, 300 CZK for motorcycle. Parking place is limited. The location of the Guarded Parking Place you can find on this map:

In the case that you’re going to arrive by train in the direction of Prague – Hradec Králové or Hradec Králové – Poděbrady, we have information on the closing on this trace. For this case, České Dráhy had let down compensatory transport by bus or recommends using the trace trough Pardubice (without change and without excess fare).

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