BA parking published 9 years, 1 month ago

BA parking Here is the updated info on the parking situation in Josefov during this year's Brutal Assault. Some roads will be closed for cars and also there are a few roads and streets where no parking will be allowed. Please checdk out the detailed map or carefuly follow the local traffic signs. Your car will be removed if parking anywhere else than the parking slots. The fine is approx. 1500CZK [58 EUR] so be smart and spend your money other way than paying the fine!

Presale tickets and VIP camp reservations published 9 years, 1 month ago

Please note that both presale tickets' and ticket reservations' deadlines are over . We will no longer accept PayPal payments for the presale tickets. Also no more tickets reservations will be accepted.

However there is still a chance to get the VIP camp pass ! Thanks to the automate process of the VIP camp reservations we are moving the deadline to Tuesday August 04th. Please note: only PayPal payments that will reach out account until Aug 04th 3PM will be accepted.

If you don't have a presale or reserved ticket, don't worry. We have enough tickets left to buy directly at the ticket box! As for the VIP camp ... not sure whether there will be enough space for visitors without a reserved VIP camp, so just check at the VIP camp reception when you arrive. We will be able to increase the VIP camp capacity but this would mainly depend on the demand.

BA 09 AFTER PARTY!! published 9 years, 1 month ago

Visit Brutal Assault 2009 after party! Tonight in Prague at the Exit Chmelnice Club (Konevova street) with SUFFOCATION, ATROX, GHOST BRIGADE and MINDWORK. Tickets: metalheads with BA09 wristband 99,- CZK only, others for 399,- CZK.

14th Brutal Assault is now history, thank you for your support!!! published 9 years, 1 month ago


The volume 14 of the Brutal Assault festival is now over. It is mainly your worth that this year´s edition has been one of the most successful in its history. We would like to say Thank you for creating great atmosphere which was also well appreciated from the artists side. The atmosphere in the area, in the camping site and also in the town Josefov absolutely answer to the official festival´s motto "Against violence and intolerance". We would like to keep this positive atmosphere for future years.

BA 2009 is dead, long live the BA 2010! As you may know, Brutal Assault will celebrate its 15th birthday next year. On the ocassion of this this important anniversary we plan to sum up the entire history of the Brutal Assault festival from the beginning in 1995. The first confirmed bands for the next year will be announced during this autumn. Brutal Assault 2010 should be a big celebration of the festival growing first of all thanks to its fans. You better leave the dates of 12th to 14th August 2010 open, because in these days will Brutal Assault take place! Keep checking our website for news.

Thank You for your support, see you next year!

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