BRUTAL ASSAULT confirms: ULVER exclusive at BA09! published 9 years, 3 months ago

We can proudly announce that progressive Norwegian band ULVER will perform at the Brutal Assault Festival.

Legends of dark experimental and avantgarde music ULVER is one of Norway's most acclaimed international artists. While remaining something of a secret treasure back home, a long series of strong releases, most recently the album "Shadows of the Sun" (2007), has earned them a unique status worldwide.

Their appearance at the Brutal Assault is their only one so far confirmed show ouf of Norway and BA is the only one metal festival they will play this summer.

New exclusive name on the bill - CYNIC! published 9 years, 3 months ago

Celebrated metal innovators CYNIC are new addition on the bill. Their first album "Focus", released in 1993, is widely regarded as a landmark release of the genre. Nowadays they are on European tour for support of its critically acclaimed new album "Traced in Air". Their appearance at Brutal Assault festival will be surely top of the milk for many fans. 

Unfortunately there are also bad news in BA camp. DIVINE HERESY definitely cancelled all their summer shows including BA09. The reason is clear - Dino Cazares begins recording new album with Fear Factory.

Official "BA Taxi" service - Info published 9 years, 3 months ago

Especially for transport from Hradec Kralove to Brutal Assault festival (and back), you can get special "BA Taxi" for a fair price. They got cars or mini-busses if demanded. We have fixed a price per one drive from Brutal Assault festival site to Hradec Kralove for 500CZK [approx. 20 EUR] per one taxi. The official BA Taxi cars will be marked as "Official Taxi Brutal Assault 09".

Official BA Taxi phone numbers (non-stop service):

+420 777 02 02 02
+420 777 02 02 81
+420 775 90 91 10
+420 775 02 02 97

Line-up is complete. Last 3 names on the bill. published 9 years, 2 months ago

Among new bands confirmed for Brutal Assault 09 belong LUCIFER PRINCIPLE (deathmetal, Holland), ETERNAL DEFORMITY (avant-garde, Poland) and FLOWERS FOR WHORES (HC/metal, Czech republic).

Unfortunately, Indian band DEMONICAL RESSURECTION won´t be able to play this year because of some problems with getting a visa to the Czech republic. Instead of them will appear German black metal band AGATHODAIMON .

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