We still have few more bands to spice the whole thing up. So here comes the very last update. Canadian hardcore machine COMEBACK KID will shake fortress walls with unstoppable energy of sharp guitars and one-of-a-kind vocals of Andrew Neufeld. One of the top hardcore bands nowadays will drag you into the pit after seven long years.

Regarding comebacks, we are more than excited to welcome back TOXIC HOLOCAUST, a band you can always count on if you want some classic straightforward no-bulshit 80s thrash metal. Do not hesitate and apply for master's degree in headbanging since Joel Grind's squad will give you a truly old school lesson!

On the other hand, Australian ESKHATON would please everybody who admire chaotically brutal and nihilistic death metal in vein of Portal. If you expect traditional structures and hooks and obvious riffs, then you should move along. Eskhaton are all about violence, chaos, intensity and bestial wrath.

Among all those recorded-in-a-cave bands, there are only few winners and Chilean black/death metallers ORACULUM are definitely one of them. Their blasphemous craft worships relentless barbarity of all those proto black and death metal classics and brings you back to era when metal was purely underground.

Get your bandanas ready! Warm-up party first info! published 3 days ago

Are you possessed to skate? This year´s Tuesday warm-up party (at the very same place like last year) will be headlined with truly legendary SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, a skateboard anthem factory with monstrous bass lines and one extraordinary drummer. Those who asked us, here comes the first basic info:

Warm-up will be FREE to all visitors with this year´s bracelet. If you want to get inside, fulfillment is highly recommended!

CONTEST: AND THE WINNER IS.... published 1 week, 3 days ago

Thanks to all for taking part in our facebook frame contest! And we have a winner! Congratulations!

THE LAST UNDERGROUND LINE-UP UPDATE! published 2 weeks, 6 days ago


First off let’s start with bands that cannot make it to BA this year for various reasons, among these are DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, IHSAHN, SAINT VITUS, NOVEMBERS DOOM and GRAVEYARD.

This update kicks off with relentless Swedish death/thrash DIABOLICAL and a household name of alternative hardcore with rap influences DOG EAT DOG! British doom masters ESOTERIC are spawn of the post-industrial decay in Birmingham and the aural mayhem they bring forth is a gloomy way of looking at things that the classic Polish metal hardcore FRONTSIDE also deal with but in their own style bending way. Italian bulldozing goregrind GUINEAPIG are considerably lighter in their selection of topics. On the list will also be Dutch grindcore heavyweights INHUME that could make Czech Republic their second home, great progressive death from the miniscule Principality of Andorra PERSEFONE and absolute legends of Brazilian crossover RATOS DE PORÃO!

Our update further continues with the finest selection of what the local underground has to offer: flesh cutting death mongers ANIME TORMENT and CUTTERED FLESH, dark shoegaze DÆRRWIN, classic symphonic death DEPRESY, forefathers of local US-styled death metal scene GODLESS TRUTH, industrial black GORGONEA PRIMA, wild provocateurs HENTAI CORPORATION, melodic death INNERSPHERE, deathgriding hardcore POPPY SEED GRINDER, unique alternatives PRVNÍ HOŘE, emo hardcore RAVELIN 7, Slovak folkish black RAMCHAT and the originators of ethno-doom SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY.

Fulfillment available! War on queues declared once again! published 1 month ago

Fulfillment available again! This time we offer fulfillment to all who bought a ticket through our e-shop or will do so within days (whether in electronic or paper form). After signing in to your customer account, you will find the option to purchase a fulfillment for every paid order that includes a ticket to this year's Brutal Assault.

Regarding already purchased tickets you will be able to order the fulfillment until mid June. From mid June fulfillment will be for sale directly with the tickets.

The price of the service fulfillment is 8€ for one whole order (regardless the number of tickets) and unlike last year the bracelets will be sent via registered mail with the possibility of tracking the delivery status of the shipment. You do not have to worry that the bracelets got lost.

Over the past year, thousands of visitors have tried out that fulfillment saved their time in the queue. With fulfillment, simply go through the festival gates and have fun. Especially for those who are going to Tuesday warm-up party with Suicidal Tendencies fulfillment is higly recommended!

Bands update to spice it up: Laibach, Green Carnation or Pain of Salvation published 2 months ago

This update of the festival line-up is made not just of your meat and potatoes bands you would generally expect from established metal festival as we were focusing on bringing in more exotic flavours that are not usually consumed by large crowds of metalheads... However we know that BA fans are special and hence deserve some special spice! Enjoy!

Cult originators of retro-avant-garde LAIBACH are making one of their ultra-rare festival appearances at this years’ BA! The retro-avant-garde of LAIBACH is an artform ranging from graphics, paintings, videos and installations, to concerts and performances, creatively questioning artistic ‘quotation’, appropriation, re-contextualisation, copyright and copy-left. Although starting out as both an art and music collective, LAIBACH became internationally renowned foremost on the music scene, particularly with their unique cover-versions and interpretations of hits by Queen, the Rolling Stones or Beatles.

GREEN CARNATION both precede and are a natural successor of the experimental/avant-garde trailblazers In the Woods... and since its namesake blossoms first appearance, peering from beneath the permafrost of Norways winter, each successive GREEN CARNATION album is a welcome sight in the dreary sameness of general scene and their set at BA 2018 will be musical sight not to miss.

The ultimate melodicity of the renowned Swedish progressives PAIN OF SALVATION may be even too sweet to swallow for general BA crowd, however the raw emotions cloaked in dark, progressive polyrhythms and challenging syncopations, brilliantly darkened keys and percussive muscle will serve as a diversification of blasting metal elements at this years BA.

Fans of alternative approaches towards both life and music can look forward for KrishnaCore mantras of positive drug-free attitude to life of the 90’s spawned by Ray Cappo’s project SHELTER. US based trouble-makers WISDOM IN CHAINS will kick some ass with their killer street rock mixed up with some heavy old school hardcore and Oi! while Manchester hardcore youngbloods BROKEN TEETH will do their big BA debut after stirring up the European underground intensively for the past two years.

Another fascinating hot spice for the lineup will be the experimental hardcore-based synth-driven technical mix of styles of ROLO TOMASSI, who are expressing themselves with loud, energetic vibrancy and intelligence that is not cloaked in any gimmickry, macho posturing or stupid imagery while from the opposite side of the hardcore spectrum we will have EVERGREEN TERRACE, who trail their own path with their powerful combination of melodic hardcore and punk-rock strains.

Swiss pioneers MESSIAH quickly acquired a sworn fan base in the 80’s underground, however the band has dissolved due individualism of the respective band members. However, the timeless thrashing madness has never been forgotten by the loyal fanbase and after 14 years of silence since the brief reanimation in 2003 MESSIAH are now back and will take BA by storm!

Iceland has spawned many of the contemporary black metal finest acts and this small indigenous but prolific scene is sending ambassadors from MISÞYRMING, yet the Icelandic domination over the avantgarde dark music scene of Europe might be disputed by ULSECT. ULSECT are born of collaboration between Dodecahedron and Textures members and their music shifts from dense death metal dissonance to lucent avant-garde atmosphere.

NERVOCHAOS were established in São Paulo in 1996 and have been spawning aggressive and chaotic music shredding the barriers of death metal and hard core ever since while touring the world and this year they will debut our festival! Even more exotic in their origin and dedicated to sheer musical brutality are progenitors of Indonesian BDM scene JASAD, who will torture European sickos for the first time ever!

Last but not least, get ready for one truly party experience with STEVE ‘N’ SEAGULLS, undoubtedly one-of-a-kind band from Finland playing bluegrass versions of notoriously known metal classics. Have you ever dance at BA listening to agro country versions of Iron Maiden?

Teethgrinder (live) 2017 published 3 months ago

Danzig at BA! Sepultura, Goblin or Aura Noir on the bill published 3 months ago


This year, Glenn Danzig will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the formation of his namesake band after involvement with horror-punks the MISFITS and gothic hard rockers SAMHAIN. The celebration will take form of a limited number of special shows including debut performance of DANZIG at Brutal Assault!

You know it’s Danzig the moment you hear him. Due to his ingenuity, horror and punk formally collided with The Misfits’ genesis in the 70’s and early 80’s. Danzig vision for Samhain impacted the landscape of extreme music, fortifying the crossroads between heavy riffs and occult imagery so prevalent these days. And then came DANZIG, where the bluesy swagger and classic Danzig howls cemented his legacy with hits like Mother or Twist of Cain.

The phenomenon of SEPULTURA comes back to BA again! For over thirty years SEPULTURA has been delivering their very own blend of death metal, hardcore, thrash, punk and tribal music with astonishing passion. What had begun in Belo Horizonte in 1984 soon turned into a metal hurricane of threatening proportions and has taken on undreamt-of dimensions since the enlistment of American vocalist Derrick Green in 1998. You simply have to experience the surge of energy SEPULTURA delivers live to understand the undying loyalty this cult act enjoys from the fans worldwide. SEPULTURA will also be our substitute for TESTAMENT who cannot unfortunately make it in the end.

Other spectacular addition to the lineup we are extremely proud of comes from Italy in the form of CLAUDIO SIMONETTI'S GOBLIN. One of the most fascinating prog rock bands of all times has first drawn attention of the whole world with their collaboration with prolific giallo horror filmmaker Dario Argento on his 1975 flick Profondo Rosso (Deep Red). On the soundtrack to the movie GOBLIN took frenetic slices of King Crimson-esque jazz-rock and transformed them into their own blend of progressive music. Later-on with albums like Roller, soundtrack to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead or especially the unholy cult of European prog rock Suspiria, GOBLIN have presented an ambitious affair that blends jazz, prog rock, and heavy metal into chilling and totally distinctive style that made them one of the most important bands of the progressive movement.

AURA NOIR was formed in 1993 by Aggressor and Apollyon to pay homage to classic 80’s metal as Venom, Slayer & Kreator however in the end AURA NOIR forged their own blend of black thrash that now spans five albums and secured AURA NOIR their own place in the parthenon of Norwegian extreme metal.

JASTA – a solo project of HATEBREED vocalist and master of pumping motivational lyrics Jamey Jasta will perform its blend of hard rock and hardcore while death metal genre will be represented by local heroes HYPNOS in its traditional form and upcoming young band from NYC UNCURED, that is tuned to the progressive side of the thing with its combination of technical musicianship, brutal riffs, and melodic interludes.

COFFINS from Tokyo, Japan will play their doom laden rotten death metal, scavenging the depths of evil and darkness. Their refreshing and mind-bending amalgamation of doom and death metal’s greatest moments will crush your souls.

A hidden treasure of underground gothic doom metal – ABYSMAL GRIEF will make their BA debut. These gloomy masters of dark sound will take you down the damned path leading to the sepulcher, among the dusty coffins.

The last two bands on the bill are HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY with their synthesis of post-rock textures and emotional black metal rage and INSANITY ALERT with their crossover thrash in vein of S.O.D. or D.R.I.

Batushka (live) 2017 published 3 months, 1 week ago


This time Brutal Assault goes deeper into the underground with another load of bands for the 2018 edition. Death metal fans can rejoice as we confirm CANNIBAL CORPSE bringing their king size portion of guts, blood and death classics to BA once again. Also, we will welcome British progressive death / black act AKERCOCKE a.k.a. reunited band releasing an excellent comeback album of jaw dropping magnitude.

Regarding classic stuff, HELMET with their trademarked groovy guitar riffs and unrestrained drums filled with easily recognizable voice of Page Hamilton will unleash their post hardcore whirlwind within the fortress for the first time.

Talking about darker stuff, Amalie Bruun’s MYRKUR will perform with her atmospheric raw, dissonant blackened riffing combined with vocal efforts leaning closer to the earthy, doomish folk similar to Chelsea Wolfe. Canadian PALLBEARER, probably the biggest Rush fans in the world, will carry their unique doom metal coffin to BA. And speaking of dark melancholic music, renowned Neurosis-like post hardcore cult LVMEN will perform their latest album Mitgefangen Mitgehangen.

Hardcore fans could appreciate H2O, unrestrained hardcore/punk act that blended Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front with punk drive of Token Entry. Speaking of comebacks, after six years we will welcome metal core whirlwind from Highlands called BLEED FROM WITHIN. True thrashers will get E-FORCE, Canadian/Frech act with former Voivod members.

Last but not least addition to the lineup? If you are into cold electro beats, then you would dig HORSKH, French duo beating up audience with brutal electro-industrial.

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