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Welcome inside of the Old army fortress in Josefov near Jaromer (approx. 130km east of Prague)! The festival takes place directly inside of the 18th century fortress that has its very unique atmosphere and history. This is one of the main factors that makes Brutal Assault an outstanding event besides Your usual airfield/meadow fest.


The festival takes place in the old fortress, both stages are situated on a main square.


Surrounding streets are used for additional services including more than 30 food kiosks. Carnivores, vegetarians, vegans - we will feed everybody!

There are also 4 big beer stands and even some more places where fine Czech beer is served. Five beer brands will be served this year as well as various shots, drinks, lemonades etc.


We have two main scenes model where the stages are next to each other and the live production runs continuously (the bands don't play at the same time but once a band on scene one finishes, another band on scene two will start within a few minutes). These two main stages are called Jägermeister stage and Metalshop stage. We also got a 3rd scene called Metalgate stage. This is considered club stage and mostly UG acts perform there. For this year we'll also have a special Oriental stage hosting two bands a night only.

Natural stand

natural stand

Do not forget to check out the „Natural stand“ with a unique front view on both scenes from an 8 m high walls. Really impressive views, especially after dark.
A natural uphill, partially offering seating capacities. The natural grandstand has it's own beer supply and sound system.

Green meadow - chill out

Grren field

Whenever you find the music noise too loud, there is nothing better than visit our chill out zine called „Green meadow“. Only a 3 minute walk from the noisy enviroment of the main square gets You to our green plazza where you can relax and get ready for the next attack on your ears.


Grren field

Besides chill out and calm bars, the „Green meadow“ also offers also a monster „Metal Market“ with more than 50 merchants and also a grindhouse theater „Horror Cinema house“, where you can watch the most bloody horrors of the film history all day long.


Meet and greet

Meet and greet

The "Meet and Greet" stand is one of the most popular places in the Octagon space. Here you can get signed any memorabilia, take a picture with bandmembers or just shake a hand with the artists. The Octagon also features an art gallery.

Not only in the Octagon, but also in other areas (check the festival map), like UNDERGROUND 14 you can visit new exhibition Art-Brut-All. The title of the exhibition is an anagram, which comes from the name of the festival (Brutal Assault), while noting the term that is used for untrained art, for art in the raw state (Art Brut ) - the Art-Brut-All . Everything can be brutal and untrained in its raw state. Nearly three dozen artists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands Poland, Slovenia and Georgia will be exhibiting at Art-Brut-All.


Camp site


The festival camp site is situated on a grassy meadow about 300 m downhill of the main festival gate.


VIP camp


The „VIP Camp“ offers a non-stop guarded camping. Other services are also included: tiolettes, depository, one-time shower coupon etc. For 2017, the VIP camp is sold out.



Brutal Assault parking

No parking is allowed on the camp site due to the capacity reasons. Please use the designed parking places in the Josefov's streets or guarded parking situated close to the camp site entrance.


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