Six Degrees Of Separation

Six Degrees Of Separation


Czech republic

alternative metal

The band history takes us back to final years of the last millennium. In winter of 1996 on the ashes of band called Abyss a new bad arises, to be named Six Degrees of Separation. After three months of effort within April a first demo Dark Ages is recorded. The cover art was done by Václav “Dr.X” Sklenička, who was contacted via an advertisement. A lot of concerts, a lot of great feedback and reviews, all in vain… Radek Zábojník and Martin Novák are bound to fulfil their duty to the homeland and the band is put to sleep for a while. After a year they join again to put out a new seven song demo When Autumn Comes… A new member joins the band as a necessary replacement for František Dominec, who’s roaming around the world, Vlasťa Urbanec - a guitarist from at that time stagnant band Atomic Tom & Nuclear Jerry. Needless to add - when František returned Vlasťa stayed on so at that time the band works on three guitar base. Further very positive feedback, reviews and references from local and from abroad as well just called for an official release. And that’s come. On 21.6.2001, on the solstice day, a debut album Moon 2002: Nocturnal Breed is released. An album where mystic moods and power corresponds with previous demos supported with better instrumental abilities of the band.

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