The Lurking fear

The Lurking fear



horror death metal

THE LURKING FEAR is a band that you’ve probably haven’t heard about yet as they are still working on their debut 7‘‘ and album. THE LURKING FEAR plans to bring sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as they want their death metal ugly, twisted and possessed. Why should you care? Well let’s take a look at the line-up! Tomas Lindberg – vocals (At The Gates, Disfear, Skitsystem) Jonas Stålhammar – guitars (God Macabre, Crippled Black Phoenix, Bombs Of Hades) Fredrik Wallenberg – guitars (Skitsystem) Andreas Axelsson – bass (Tormented, Disfear, ex Edge Of Sanity, ex Marduk) Adrian Erlandsson – drums (At The Gates, The Haunted, ex Paradise Lost, ex Cradle Of Filth)

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