hotel Alessandria *** Hradec Králové / hostel Aleš Hradec Králové

Hotel Alessandria

For those who are looking for a hotel type of accommodation we can offer a sweet option that will even include a shuttle bus from the hotel to the festival ground (since the hotel is situated in Hradec Kralove, approx. 20km from the festival ground). See what hotel Alessandria can offer and if you are interested in ordering a room, check the accommodation options in our e-shop.

Services available for this option:

Rooms in Alessandria hotel

  • single rooms available at 60,00 EUR per night
  • double or twin rooms available at 90,00 EUR per night
  • a very limited capacity of triple rooms at 135,00 EUR per night and quadruple rooms at 180,00 EUR per night available

Rooms in Ales hotel

  • double or twin rooms available at 90,00 EUR per night
  • a very limited capacity of triple rooms (with 3 beds) at 135,00 EUR per night and apartman (4 beds) at 180,00 EUR per night
  • rooms available for Tuesday Aug 08th, Wednesday Aug 09th, Thursday Aug 10th, Friday Aug 11th, Saturday Aug 12th, and/or Sunday Aug 13th nights (you can choose from the mentioned nights, not necessary to book all the nights, however you have to book at least 3 nights in a row)
  • buffet breakfast included in the price
  • all rooms will undergo reconstruction in 2016 (before the festival)
  • the hotel is reachable via public bus or train in Hradec Kralove
  • shuttle service from hotel to the festival ground and back once a day included in the price (the shuttle bus has to be booked at least with a 90 min. advance at the BA check-in desk in the hotel lobbya or info point at the festival entrance). Shuttle service time table (the bus time table is estimated and still can be modificated):
    • Wednesday departure in front of the Alessandria hotel at 01:15PM; 02:45PM; 04:15PM; 05:45PM; 07:15PM
    • Thursday  - Saturday departure in front of the Alessandria hotel at 9:45AM; 11:15AM; 12:45PM; 02:15PM; 03:45PM; 05:15PM
    • There is no reservation system for the transfer back to the hotel.
    • The buses will be running from 23:30 till 3:30 approx. every 20 min.
    • Sunday - no shuttle service
  • other hotel facilities (not included in the price): laundry, safe-box, casino, restaurant & bar, etc.

Rooms in Alessandria hotel are equipped with:

  • SAT TV
  • free Wi-Fi
  • direct dial phone
  • bathroom with shower or bath-tub
  • towels and bed linen included in the price



Rooms in Ales hotel are equipped with:

  • bathroom with shower or bath-tub
  • towels and bed linen included in the price




Booking a hotel room

In view of the fact that the capacity of the hotel Alessandria is limited it is necessary to place an order and pay upfront via card or PayPal. After placing your order and making the payment, you will get the hotel booking confirmation amongst other instructions on your account at Please, print that hotel booking confirmation and bring it to the Brutal Assault check-in desk in the hotel lobby. After presenting your identity (by photo ID or passport) you will get your room(s).

Notice: In order to check-in you must present a hotel booking confirmation and your ID or passport. The names must correspond with all names given in the form. BA check-in in the lobby will be available from Wednesday from 12:00 noon and then anytime later during the festival. The hotel reception will process reservations with check-in on Tuesday.




Na trase festival – Hradec Králové provozujeme kyvadlovou dopravu pro naše hotelové hosty. Nicméně všechna případná volná místa v těchto autobusech jsou Vám k dispozici a můžete si je rezervovat za cenu 100,- CZK za jízdu. Naši hoteloví hosté však mají přednost a případná sedadla k prodeji budou k dispozici po usazení našich hotelových hostů. Letos jsme pro dopravu na trase FESTIVAL → HOTEL zrušili systém rezervací a zavedli kyvadlovou dopravu, která bude odjíždět ze stejného místa na náměstí jako doposud, kde budou k dispozici i jízdenky. Kyvadlová doprava bude jezdit každých 20 minut počínaje 23.30 s poslední jízdou naplánovanou na 03:30. Trasa HOTEL → FESTIVAL zůstává v režimu systému rezervací a naplánovaných jízd jako doposud.

There're official festival shuttle buses to Nachod for our hotel guests. However any vacant seats in each of the shuttle buses is available for sale! You can purchase a one way ride per 100,- CZK. Our hotel guests however have priority and they’re boarding first, only after they’re seated we can sell the remaining seats on eachho bus. For this year we’ve discarded the reservation system for the FESTIVAL → HOTEL route and we’re introducing shuttle line 666 departuring from the old meeting point at the main Josefov square, where tickets will also be for sale. The only difference is that we don’t have a schedule with reservations, there will simply be buses boarding and shuttling you every 20 minutes starting at 23:30 with the last ride scheduled for 03:30. The HOTEL → FESTIVAL route remains in the scheduled & mandatory reservation mode.

Cancellation fees

The following fees will apply if a valid hotel room booking is cancelled:

  • Cancellation until April 30 = cancellation fee 10%
  • Cancellation between May 01 and June 30 = cancellation fee 20%
  • Cancellation between July 01 and July 31 = cancellation fee 40%
  • Cancellation between August 01 and August 05 = cancellation fee 60%
  • Cancellation after August 06 = cancellation fee 100%
  • In case of no show = cancellation fee 100%
For cancellation of a valid hotel room booking, please send an email to and mention your Invoice ID.

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